Adichunchanagiri University in Karnataka, India, is renowned for its comprehensive education and research across diverse fields. Established by the Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust, it integrates traditional and modern educational approaches, particularly in health sciences, engineering, and spiritual studies.

Adichunchanagiri University in India stands out for its extensive range of programs in the Faculty of Medical & Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Engineering, Management & Technology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Faculty of Natural Sciences, emphasizing both academic excellence and ethical values. Equipped with advanced facilities, the university is deeply committed to community service and holistic development. This approach not only enhances academic skills but also cultivates personal and leadership qualities, significantly enriching the region’s intellectual and social fabric.

Fostering the Future

Discover Excellence at ACU

Inclusive Excellence

We educate over 4974+ students, 80% from country backgrounds and 58% female. We offer scholarships exceeding ₹2 crore annually to ensure accessibility

Unmatched Breadth & Depth

Explore 60+ programs, 1382 courses, and a staggering 850 interdisciplinary options. Gain valuable skills through 136+ Value Added Courses

Award-Winning Faculty

Learn from the best. Over 110+ faculty members hold National/International Awards, and 54+ have authored books/book chapters

Cutting-Edge Research

Be a part of ground-breaking research at our dedicated centers like ACU-Centre for Research and Innovation, Adichunchanagiri Institute for Molecular Medicine, and more

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We nurture future leaders. The Adichunchanagiri Centre for Entrepreneurs (ACE) equips you with the skills to thrive in the business world

Social Responsibility

We believe in giving back. We’ve adopted 11 government schools to enhance academic excellence and empower communities

Industry-Ready Graduates

92% of our students land jobs at the best organizations in their industries


ACU provides opportunities for Spiritual Development through Yoga, Meditation, Community Service Activities and many more

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