Adichunchanagiri University

Powering Discovery Through
World-Class Research Facilities

Adichunchanagiri University (ACU) is not just a place of learning, but a hub for innovation and groundbreaking research. The university boasts a wide range of sophisticated facilities that empower researchers, faculty, and students to delve into various disciplines and push the boundaries of knowledge. This comprehensive infrastructure, known as the Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI), fosters a collaborative and stimulating environment that fuels discovery and scientific progress. Here’s a glimpse into some of the key research facilities at ACU:


Specialized Labs

Business Games Laboratory

This specialized lab provides a platform for simulating real-world business scenarios. Students can experiment with different strategies, analyze outcomes, and gain practical experience in decision-making within a controlled environment. This lab is particularly valuable for business management, economics, and commerce programs.

ACU : Powering Discovery Through World-Class Research Facilities

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Molecular Medicine

AIMM stands at the forefront of medical research, focusing on understanding the molecular basis of diseases. This state-of-the-art institute houses cutting-edge equipment for genetic analysis, protein research, and cellular biology. AIMM researchers are actively involved in groundbreaking work on various diseases, potentially leading to the development of new diagnostic tools and therapeutic interventions.

Central Sophisticated Instrumentation Laboratory

CSIL provides advanced analytical instrumentation and technical expertise to researchers across various disciplines. This shared facility ensures researchers have access to sophisticated equipment like mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, and X-ray diffractometers, which might not be feasible for individual labs to maintain. CSIL fosters collaboration and optimizes resource utilization, accelerating the pace of research.

Centre for Molecular Pharmaceutics and Therapeutics

CMPAT bridges the gap between basic research and drug discovery. This center focuses on the development of novel therapeutic agents by leveraging its expertise in molecular biology, pharmacology, and drug delivery systems. CMPAT research holds immense potential for developing life-saving medications for various diseases.

Centre for Research Management and Industrial Linkage

CORMIL acts as a catalyst for collaboration between academia and industry. It facilitates research partnerships, identifies funding opportunities, and helps researchers navigate the complexities of intellectual property management. CORMIL plays a crucial role in ensuring that university research has a real-world impact and translates into tangible benefits for society.

Clinical Trial Centre

The Clinical Trial Centre provides a dedicated space for conducting clinical trials of new drugs and therapeutic interventions. This facility ensures adherence to the highest ethical standards and regulatory guidelines, protecting the well-being of research participants while advancing medical knowledge.

BGS Centre for Advanced Materials

This center focuses on research and development of novel materials with advanced properties. Research at the BGS Centre has applications in various fields, including electronics, aerospace engineering, and energy storage. This exploration of new materials holds immense potential for technological advancements across diverse sectors.

Center of Excellence - Internet of Things (IoT)

Recognizing the growing importance of IoT, ACU established a dedicated Center of Excellence to explore the potential of this technology. The center facilitates research on various aspects of IoT, including sensor development, data analysis, and security protocols. This research will contribute to the development of smarter and more interconnected future.

Medicinal Plant Garden

The Medicinal Plant Garden serves as a living laboratory for the study of medicinal plants and their therapeutic properties. This garden provides a valuable resource for researchers in botany, pharmacology, and natural medicine. By studying these plants, researchers can potentially discover new natural remedies and contribute to the development of herbal medicines.

Information Powerhouses

At Adichunchanagiri University, unlock a world of academic possibilities with comprehensive access to the ProQuest database for scholarly articles and ebooks, dive deep into pharmaceutical research with the detailed Micromedex Drug Information Database, ensure originality with top-notch plagiarism check software, and engage in unique, hands-on learning at our exclusive Toxicological Garden.

ProQuest Database

ACU grants access to the vast ProQuest database, a treasure trove of scholarly journals, ebooks, dissertations, and other academic resources. This comprehensive database empowers researchers to stay abreast of the latest advancements in their fields and conduct in-depth literature reviews.

Micromedex Drug Information Database

For students and faculty engaged in pharmaceutical research, ACU provides access to the Micromedex Drug Information Database. This specialized database offers a wealth of information on medications, including their properties, interactions, and potential side effects.

Plagiarism Check Software

Maintaining academic integrity is paramount at ACU. The university provides access to plagiarism check software, allowing researchers to ensure the originality of their work and uphold the highest ethical standards in their scholarship.

Unique Learning Environments

Toxicological Garden: This unique facility serves as a valuable resource for students and researchers in fields like biology, environmental science, and pharmacology. The toxicological garden cultivates a diverse collection of plants with known toxic properties, providing a platform for safe and controlled study of their effects. Strict safety protocols and signage are sure to be implemented to ensure a safe learning environment.

E-Resource Centre

The E-Resource Centre serves as the university's digital hub for research. It offers researchers access to a vast collection of online academic resources


A wide range of electronic journals across various disciplines, allowing researchers to stay current with the latest research findings.


A comprehensive collection of electronic books, providing in-depth exploration of various research topics.

Online databases

Access to specialized online databases relevant to specific research areas, offering a wealth of data and analytical tools.

In addition to the facilities mentioned above, ACU offers a supportive research environment that includes:

Supportive Research Environment

  • Research GrantsThe university actively seeks and facilitates research funding opportunities for its faculty and students. This financial support empowers researchers to pursue groundbreaking projects and achieve significant breakthroughs.
  • Research CollaborationACU encourages collaboration between researchers within the university and with external institutions. This fosters cross-disciplinary research and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  • Research MentorshipExperienced faculty members provide valuable guidance and mentorship to students pursuing research projects. This ensures that students receive the necessary support to develop their research skills and navigate the research process effectively.