Adichunchanagiri University


Dr. C K Subbaraya



Dr. C K Subbaraya, as the Registrar of Adichunchanagiri University, plays a pivotal role in upholding the institution’s commitment to educational excellence and research innovation. His responsibilities are foundational to the university’s administrative and academic success, where he ensures adherence to educational policies and facilitates a nurturing environment for scholarly advancement.

In his capacity, Dr. Subbaraya is in charge of key university functions such as student admissions, academic record keeping, the administration of examinations, and the orchestration of graduation protocols. His role extends to collaborating with the university’s senior leadership, including deans and heads of departments, in strategic planning and implementation, aligning with the university’s mission and vision. These initiatives are crucial in elevating the educational standards, broadening academic offerings, and enhancing the overall student experience.

Dr. Subbaraya’s contributions are instrumental in shaping the operational and strategic dimensions of Adichunchanagiri University. His leadership and commitment play a significant role in steering the university toward continued growth and achievement.

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