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ACU's History

Adichunchanagiri University is a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment nestled in the serene landscapes of Karnataka, India. Our journey, rich in tradition and innovation, is a testament to our commitment to excellence in education and research.

The Foundation: A Visionary Beginning The seeds of Adichunchanagiri University were sown by the spiritual and visionary leadership of the Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Maha Swamiji of the Adichunchanagiri Math. His dream was to create a center of learning that not only imparted education but also preserved and promoted the cultural and spiritual heritage of India.

In the late 20th century, this vision began to materialize as the Adichunchanagiri Math initiated educational endeavors, starting with schools and colleges in rural areas, to bring education to the doorstep of the common man.

“सा विद्या या विमुक्तये”

“Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye – that which liberates is Knowledge”


Envisioning a Future of Excellence and Impact

Education for all with Value Systems of Empathy, Enrichment, Equity, Excellence, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Enlightenment to Serve the Society.


Empowering Change through Education, Research, and Community Involvement
  • Education to all for Self Reliance, Socio-Economic Change to develop an Inclusive Society with Shared Opportunities & Responsibilities
  • Empathy towards the Less Fortunate, the Sick, the Suffering & the Disabled
  • Enrichment to acquire Abundant Knowledge, Requisite Skills & Appropriate Attitude
  • Excellence for Quality Assurance, Enhancement & Sustenance in Academics and research to produce Graduates of Global Standards
  • Equity for Fairness & Social Justice by providing Equal Opportunities
  • Empowerment of Graduates to become Intuitive, Innovative & Inventive
  • Entrepreneurship is a concept or idea involving the product or service to be delivered or a new technology to be developed
  • Enlightenment to attain Wisdom & Virtues in Life to think beyond Self

Our Philosophy

At Adichunchanagiri University, we believe in holistic education that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a balanced development for societal and personal growth.

ACU's Principle

Our core principles revolve around integrity, inclusivity, and innovation – ensuring a learning environment that respects diversity and encourages forward-thinking.

Key Of Success

Our success is anchored in continuous learning and community engagement, where academic excellence meets social responsibility to create impactful global citizens.


A Comprehensive Insight

The University is nestled in a verdant expanse of 67 acres at B.G. Nagara, Nagamangala Tq., in Mandya District of Karnataka. Located on the Bangalore – Mangalore National Highway No. 75, it is just 105 km from Bangalore, the state’s capital. This unitary campus is renowned for its lush greenery.
Comprising six constituent colleges, the University offers a range of disciplines including Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Management, Commerce, and Education. The eco-friendly campus is well-equipped with facilities to support academic and research activities. It is a vibrant educational community with approximately 4,900+ students, 480+ faculty members, and 1100+ support staff.
To fulfill its Vision, Mission, and Objectives, the University implements a variety of strategies. These strategies are aimed at broadening global knowledge horizons and providing high-quality education, training, and research in diverse fields like Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Management and Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences, as well as other emerging and critical areas.
Empowering Lives through Values and Virtues

Ethical Foundations at Adichunchanagiri University

The integration of moral values into one’s life is crucial for achieving serenity and a stress-free existence. Under the guidance of His Holiness Sri Mahaswamiji, the Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Math (SACM) has successfully launched numerous initiatives and activities focused on moral education.

In collaboration with the Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust ® (SAST), the Sri Math organizes various programs aimed at character building, life skills enhancement, personality development, value-based cultural events, leadership training, and self-reflection sessions. These programs have positively impacted thousands of young individuals, instilling in them strong moral values.

Through discourses by Poojya Mahaswamiji and spiritual leaders from esteemed organizations like the Ramakrishna Ashram, Art of Living, as well as other notable figures and religious leaders, moral values are effectively communicated to the youth and the wider public.

Connecting Past and Present at Adichunchanagiri University

Celebrating Our Alumni: Pillars of Our Legacy

The alumni of Adichunchanagiri University are a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence. Our graduates have ventured into diverse fields, carving out successful careers and making significant contributions to society. They are not just our past students but lifelong members of our extended academic family.

Our alumni network spans across various industries and countries, creating a rich tapestry of professionals, leaders, and innovators. They embody the values and knowledge imparted during their time at the university and continue to make us proud with their achievements.

We actively foster a strong alumni community, encouraging them to stay connected with their alma mater and current students. Through this network, they offer invaluable mentorship, career guidance, and support to our student body. Their involvement enriches our university culture and provides current students with inspiring role models.

Every year, we celebrate the successes of our alumni, acknowledging their contributions and inviting them to participate in our ongoing journey of learning and growth. They play a crucial role in shaping the future of Adichunchanagiri University, and we are profoundly grateful for their continued support and engagement.