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“Benefits of NAD”

For Academic Institutions

  • Permanent and safe record of keeping all academic awards issued;
  • No need for issuing duplicate academic awards, students can get them from NAD;
  • Effective deterrence to fake and forged paper certificates;
  • All academic awards verification needs can be addressed by NAD;
  • Efficient, effective, and transparent administration.
  • Reduced Administrative Overhead: Aimed at the concept of paperless governance. It reduces the administrative overhead by minimizing the use of paper and curtailing the verification process.
  • Digital Transformation: Provides trusted issued documents.
  • Secure Document Gateway: Acts as a secure document exchange platform like payment gateway between the trusted issuer and trusted Requester/Verifier with the consent of the Students.
  • Real-Time Verification: Provides a verification module to verify data directly from issuers after obtaining user consent.

For Students

  • Immediate availability of academic awards upon upload by Academic Institution
  • Online, permanent record of academic awards
  • No risk of losing, spoiling, damaging the academic awards
  • Anytime, anywhere and convenient access to academic awards
  • Important Documents Anytime, Anywhere
  • Authentic Documents, Legally at Par with Originals
  • Digital Document Exchange with the consent of the student.
  • Faster service Delivery- Government Benefits, Employment, Financial Inclusion, Educational admission, Health.

For Verification Users (Employer Companies, Banks etc.)

  • Online, quick and reliable verification of academic awards (with the prior consent of the student concerned)
  • Access to an authenticated copy of academic awards
  • No risk of fake and forged Certificates.
  • Reduction in cost, time, and efforts for verification

About Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) program

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Adichunchanagiri University NAD Nodal Officer:

Name: Dr. Subbaraya C K
Designation: Registrar

For any query related to ACU NAD Cell, Please contact:

Name: Dr. Ravikumar G K
Designation: Professor and R&D Head