World Blood Donor Day Celebration

celebrated annually on 14th June, is a global event to honor and thank individuals who voluntarily and unpaid donate their blood, thereby giving others the gift of life

14th Jun

This year, the Blood Bank at AHRC, in collaboration with the Department of Pathology and the Youth Red Cross (YRC) Committee, organized a celebratory event to mark this significant day. 
Chief guest: Dr. Abhishek M.G, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology •Special Guest: Dr. Prakash V B, Blood Bank Officer and Head of YRC Committee •Volunteers: 10 voluntary blood donors 
The event commenced at the premises of the Blood Bank with an introductory speech by Dr. Prakash. He provided a brief introduction to the relevance and importance of World Blood Donor Day.He emphasized the critical need for blood donation and the importance of safe blood transfusion practices. 
Dr. Abhishek M.G., presiding over the function, highlighted the vital role of blood donors in the success of any blood bank.He underscored that each unit of blood donated has the potential to save up to three lives, thus emphasizing the profound impact of blood donation. 
The inaugural event was followed by a voluntary blood donation drive within the Blood Bank.A total of 10 volunteers stepped forward to donate blood during the event.Each donor was awarded a certificate of appreciation in recognition of their selfless contribution.


The celebration of World Blood Donor Day at AHRC was a success, highlighting the essential role of blood donors in healthcare. The event not only honored the voluntary donors but also raised awareness about the importance of regular blood donation and safe transfusion practices.