” Rural Development Program “


Jai Sri Gurudev

Adichunchanagiri University

ACU in association with Bramhadevarahalli Gram Panchayat conducted ” Rural Development Program ” at Bramhadevarahalli. Dr. S. Chandrashekar Shetty, Vice Chancellor of ACU and Mr. Lohith kumar, President of B D Halli Gram Panchayat inaugurated the program. Computers were donated and distributed to 11 schools which comes under B D Hally Gram Panchayat. ACU also distributed Nali Kali ( enjoy while learning ) desks and tables to those schools. As an environmental initiative, tree samplings were planted around the village. Dr C.K. Subbaraya, Registrar, ACU, Principals of all constituent colleges of ACU, Past and present members of gram panchayat, students and general public actively participated in the program.

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