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“सा विद्या या विमुक्तये”

“Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye – that which liberates is Knowledge”


Education for all with Value Systems of Empathy, Enrichment, Equity, Excellence, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship & Enlightenment to Serve the Society


  • Education to all for Self Reliance, Socio-Economic Change to develop an Inclusive Society with Shared Opportunities & Responsibilities
  • Empathy towards the Less Fortunate, the Sick, the Suffering & the Disabled
  • Enrichment to acquire Abundant Knowledge, Requisite Skills & Appropriate Attitude
  • Excellence for Quality Assurance, Enhancement & Sustenance in Academics & Research to produce Graduates of Global Standards
  • Equity for Fairness & Social Justice by providing Equal Opportunities
  • Empowerment of Graduates to become Intuitive, Innovative & Inventive
  • Entrepreneurship is a concept or idea involving the product or service to be delivered, or a new technology to be developed
  • Enlightenment to attain Wisdom & Virtues in Life to think beyond Self
  • Student Information System