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2023/07/12Notification of BE VI semester (Regular) and V semester (Supplementary) Examination August 2023BE VI sem Notification MS August 2023 Examination Re-Notification (1) (1)2023-07-12 11:15:05
2023/07/05ACU – Ph. D Entrance Examination Advance NotificationNotification phd2023-07-05 15:17:15
2023/06/14Revised Time table and calendar of events for MBBS Phase I (Mercy attempt 2019 batch) July 2023 examinationMD MS August 2023 Examination Re-Notification (1) (1)2023-06-14 15:26:33
2023/06/14Time table and calendar of events for Medical PG (MD/MS) August 2023 examinationMedical PG August 2023 Notification2023-06-14 12:03:05
2023/06/08Time table and calendar of events for MBBS Phase I (Mercy attempt 2019 batch) July 2023 examinationMBBS Notification (Mercy attempt) July 20232023-06-08 15:29:52
2023/06/08Time table and calendar of events for MBBS III Phase Part I (2019 batch) July 2023 examinationMBBS Phase III (Part I) July 2023 Examination Notification2023-06-08 15:28:04
2023/06/06Revised B.Sc. (Allied Health Sciences) I to V Semester July 2023 Examination NotificationRevised B.Sc.(Allied Health Sciences) I to V Semester July 2023 Examination Notification2023-06-06 12:03:30
2023/06/06Time table and calendar of events for B.Ed I & III semester July 2023 examinationB.Ed I & III sem notification July 20232023-06-06 09:38:36
2023/06/05Revised Time table and calendar of events for B.Com II, IV, VI semester regular and I, III and V semester supplementary examination June 2023B.Com Revised Notification June 2023 exam2023-06-05 14:59:41
2023/06/05B.Sc. (Allied Health Sciences) I to V Semester July 2023 Examination NotificationB.Sc. (Allied Health Sciences) I to V semester July 2023 Examination Notification2023-06-05 11:08:32
2023/05/30Time Table and Calendar of Events for MBBS July 2023 Supplementary ExaminationMBBS Exam Notification – July 20232023-05-30 16:14:47
2023/05/09B.Sc. Nursing I & II year, PB B.Sc. Nursing I year (Supplementary) and I semester B.Sc. Nursing (Regular) June 2023 Examination.Nursing Notification2023-05-09 16:45:24
2023/05/02RANK LIST OF ACU FOR THIRD ANNUAL CONVOCATION -2023Rank list2023-05-02 12:08:32
2023/04/29Last date for Joining ACU – Ph.D Program 2022-23 is Extended to 03-05-2023.2023-04-29 10:49:56
2023/04/20Notification – Extension of last date for ACU Convocation ApplicationNotification – Extension of last date2023-04-20 18:01:52
2023/04/20Revised Pharm.D, D.Pharm & M.Pharm May 2023 Examination NotificationRevised Pharm.D, D.Pharm & M.Pharm May 2023 Examination Notification2023-04-20 15:40:46
2023/04/18Pharm.D, D.Pharm & M.Pharm May 2023 Examination NotificationPharm.D, D.Pharm & M.Pharm May 2023 Examination Notification_compressed2023-04-18 19:01:57
2023/04/18Revised M.Sc. (NS) I & III Semester Examination May 2023 NotificationRevised M.Sc. (NS) I & III Sem May 2023 Examination Notification2023-04-18 10:52:03
2023/04/11Notification of M.Sc. (NS) I & III Semester May 2023 ExaminationM.Sc. (NS) I & III Sem May 2023 Examination Notification_compressed2023-04-11 16:31:36
2023/04/11Notification of Time Table and Calendar of events for B.Sc., M.Sc. & P.B.B.Sc. Nursing May 2023 ExaminationNursing May 2023 Examination2023-04-11 11:02:49
2023/04/05Notification – ACU 3rd Annual Convocation3rd Convocation Notification2023-04-05 15:36:26
2023/03/16Notification of Time Table and Calendar of Events for MBBS April 2023 Make up ExaminationNotification2023-03-16 09:55:53
2023/02/24Notification – Time Table for ACU=Ph.D Interview 2022-23Ph.D Interview Notification2023-02-24 16:37:45
2023/02/17Notification of BE V semester (Regular) and VI semester (Supplementary) Examination March 2023BE V & VI Semester March 2023 Examination Notification (1)2023-02-17 17:04:20
2023/02/08Notification of B.Pharm I to VIII Semester Examination March 2023Revised B.Pharm I to VIII Semester Examination March 2023 Notification2023-02-08 14:47:21
2023/02/08Notification of B.Sc. (Natural Sciences) I & III Sem Examination March 2023B.Sc. (NS) I & III Sem Examination March 2023 Notification2023-02-08 11:19:24
2023/02/07Notification of B.Sc. (Allied Health Sciences) I Sem Examination -March 2023B.Sc. (AHS) I Sem March 2023 Examination Notification2023-02-07 15:06:46
2023/02/07Notification of MBA and M.Tech II and III semester Notification March 20232023-02-07 12:28:18
2023/01/19Notification of Ph.D. Entrance Examination Centre – Jan 2023Ph.D Entrance examination centre Notification2023-01-19 14:56:25
2023/01/11Registration for International Conference on Mathematical Applications in Engineering, Management & Health Sciences (ICMAEMH)2023-01-11 14:59:24
2023/01/05Notification of B. Sc. Nursing I Year PB BSc and 1 year M.Sc Nursing February 2023 examinationNotificationacn2023-01-05 16:48:03
2023/01/05Notification: Time Table for Ph.D. Entrance examinationTime table for Ph.D. Entrance Examination2023-01-05 12:08:22
2023/01/01International Conference on Mathematical Applications in Engineering, Management & Health Sciences (ICMAEMH)2023-01-01 10:00:19
2022/12/24Notification of B. Sc. (Allied Health Sciences) I,II,III,IV & VI Semester January 2023 examinationAllied Health Sciences Jan 2023 Notification2022-12-24 17:36:25
2022/12/20Notification of B.Com I, III & V semester regular and II and IV semester supplementary January 2023 examinationB.Com notification January 2023 (1)2022-12-20 10:08:56
2022/12/01Notification of BE I,II,III and IV semester Makeup Examination December 20222022-12-01 15:39:50
2022/11/30Notification of MBBS Phase I, II and III (Part I and Part II) February 2023 examinationMBBS February 2023 notification2022-11-30 12:15:14
2022/11/23Notification of PB B.Sc. Nursing II year and M.Sc. Nursing II year -December 2022Nursing Notification December 2022 Examination2022-11-23 11:50:20
2022/11/12Notification of M.Sc. (NS) II semester NotificationM.Sc.(NS) II semester Notification2022-11-12 10:16:16
2022/10/21Notification of B.Com I to VI semester Makeup Examination November 2022B.Com Notification2022-10-21 16:52:20
2022/10/21Notification of BE V, VI, VII and VIII semester Makeup Examination November 2022.BE Makeup Exam Notification2022-10-21 16:50:45
2020/11/27Time Table for ACU Ph.D and PDF interview 2020-21Time table Ph.D2020-11-27 17:05:42
2020/10/27Time Table of MTech & MBA I Semester Backlog Subjects – November 2020MBA & M.Tech TT2020-10-27 11:05:10
2020/10/22Time Table of Online Pharmacy Practical Examination-November 2020Time table of Online pharmacy practical Examination-November 20202020-10-22 19:42:34
2020/10/22Time Table of BE First, Second and Third Semester Backlog Subjects Examination-November 2020Time table of BE 1st 2nd & 3rd Sem Backlog Subjects Exam2020-10-22 11:30:49
2020/10/22Ph.D. Course work examination for batch 2019-20 Time Table – November 2020Ph.D. Course work examination for batch 2019-20 Time Table2020-10-22 11:28:55
2020/09/24B.Pharm (I & III Semester Supplementary & II & IV Semester Regular) , M.Pharm (I Semester Supplementary & II Semester Regular) & Pharm.D (I & II year Regular) Examinations Time Table October 2020Pharmacy I, II, III & IV sem TT2020-09-24 13:17:40
2020/09/12List of Candidates Exempted from Ph.D. Entrance Exam 2020-21Exmepted Candidates for website2020-09-12 12:44:51
2020/09/03PB. B.Sc Nursing II Year and Supplementary Examination Time Table – September 2020Pb B.Sc nursing II year & Supp. exam TT2020-09-03 11:07:43
2020/07/30Time Table of B.Pharm – I, II & III Semester Supplementary Examination – August 2020B.Pharm I, II & III sem TT2020-07-30 12:50:16
2020/07/30Time Table of MBA & M.Tech IV Semester Examination – August 2020MBA & IV sem TT2020-07-30 10:22:35
2020/07/14Time Table of Medical PG Diploma Practical Examination – July 2020Notification 14-07-20202020-07-14 11:50:52
2020/06/18Revised Time Table of Medical PG Diploma Examination – July 2020revised TT of Diploma Exam2020-06-18 18:15:59
2020/06/12M.Pharm IV Semester Dissertation Viva-Voce Examination Time Table – July 2020M.Pharm IV sem Dissertation TT2020-06-12 10:33:21
2020/03/23B.Pharm (I, II, III & IV Semester), M.Pharm (I, II, III & IV Semester) and Pharm.D (I & II Year) Examination Time TablePharmacy II & IV sem TT2020-03-23 18:11:26
2020/02/17B.Com II & IV Semester (I & III Semester Makeup Exam) Examination Time Table – May 2020 14:09:49
2020/02/17I Year Nursing Supplementary Examination Time Table – May 2020Nursing supplementary exam TT2020-02-17 14:06:52
2020/01/31Medical PG Diploma Examination Time Table May 2020Medical PG Diploma exam time table2020-01-31 12:28:10
2020/01/14M.Tech & MBA I Semester Examination Time Table – February 2020MBA & I semester Exam Time table 2019-202020-01-14 09:09:13
2019/11/15B.Pharm (I Semester, II Semester Supplementary and III Semester) and M.Pharm (I Semester) Examination Time Table Dec/Jan 2019-20B.Pharm & M.Pharm I, II & III Sem TT2019-11-15 13:43:05
2019/11/15Pre Ph.D./Course Work Examination Time Table Jan 20202019-11-15 13:39:01
2019/11/14BE, MBA & M.Tech I & III Semester Examination Time Table Dec/Jan 2019-20BE, MBA & M.Tech I & III Sem T T2019-11-14 09:17:15
2019/10/14B.Ed II Semester Examination Time Table – November 2019B.Ed II Sem Time table Notification Nov 20192019-10-14 14:36:01
2019/09/23B.Com I, II and III Semester Examination Time Table – October 2019B.Com I, II & III Sem exam TT2019-09-23 16:24:28
2019/08/09I MBBS Supplementary Examination Time TableMBBS Supplementary examination time table2019-08-09 16:46:12
2019/08/09B.Pharm I & II Semester Supplementary Examination Time TableB.Pharm I & II sem Supplementary exam time table2019-08-09 16:43:51
2019/08/06Pharm.D (Annual) make up Examination Time Table September 2019Pharm.D Make Up Exam Time Table2019-08-06 12:53:50
2019/07/30Nursing (B.Sc Nursing and PB B.Sc Nursing)Annual Examination Time Table October 2019Nursing Examination time table2019-07-30 12:35:34
2019/05/17MBBS Annual Examination Time TableMBBS time table new2019-05-17 17:41:40
2019/05/15BE, MBA & M.Tech II Sem Time TableBE, MBA & M.Tech II Sem Time Table2019-05-15 18:23:18
2019/04/26B.Ed I Semester Examination Time Table June 20192019-04-26 11:28:51
2019/04/16B.Pharm (Supplementary & II Semester), M.Pharm (II Semester) & Pharm.D (Annual) Examination Time TablePharmacy (UG & PG) II Sem & Annual Examination Time table2019-04-16 09:04:59
2019/03/20B.Com II Sem Examination – Time Table April/May 2019B.Com II Sem2019-03-20 10:16:40
2019/02/13Minor/Major/Trans-disciplinary Project Proposal Format2019-02-13 15:01:07
2019/01/23M.Tech/MBA (PG) February 2019 Examination Time TableMBA & M.Tech Exam Time Table2019-01-23 13:18:31
2018/12/07B.Pharmacy (UG) M.Pharma (PG) I Semester Practical Time Table December 2018 – January 20192018-12-07 11:52:33
2018/12/05B.E. I Semester December-2018 Examination Application2018-12-05 10:23:43
2018/11/17BE 1st Sem Examination Dec 2018 / Jan 2019BE Notification 16-11-20182018-11-17 12:36:23
2018/11/02B.Pharm & M.Pharm First Sem Time Table2018-11-02 18:53:23
2018/10/06B.Com ExaminationLink for B.Com examination online application form for the first-semester university examination. 17:23:39
2018/07/06Doctors’ Day Celebrations2018-07-06 23:24:23