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An attempt towards self-sufficiency, so to galvanize the university’s continuous commitment towards the building of future generation, rural up-liftment, and societal well-being, also to pursue research interests pertaining to pharmaceutics, therapeutics and aligning those with the interests of the constituent colleges of ACU by contributing and fostering collaborative research efforts, besides the national and international collaborators.


- To leverage the academic human resources towards Trans-Disciplinary and translational research.
- To attract research funding both at national and international level.
- To initiate and strengthen industry-academia partnership.
- To undertake research activities on biomaterials, with a trans-disciplinary approach.
- To utilize engineering principles for improving pharmaceutical processing.
- To utilize clinical expertise to develop cutting edge therapeutics.
- To establish a strong industry driven research program.

Faculty Details

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Dinesha R Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D
Dr. Vedamurthy Joshi Associate professor M.Pharm., Ph.D